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Journey's Mother Beauty Health and Fitness, LLC is a mother and daughter business who launched their brand circa 2009 in the Whole Foods Markets NorthEast stores. They have been passionate about natural ingredient products while living a sustainable lifestyle of beauty, health, fitness, good organic foods, travel and loving nature.

They began the business by accident one morning when Journey was only 9 years old and Jacquie, a busy working career mom with two small kids, struggled to get ready for work and the kids ready for school. Her 4 year old son at the time, Justice, mischievously pumped out lotion from a bottle onto the floor and Journey, unknowingly came running through and slipped upon it. The screams and yelling commenced adding to their stressful morning hustle and it was then that Jacquie exclaimed— amongst other things, "Why can't there be a lotion bar or something!"...and that's how it all began. 

We model our products after genuine real life needs and incidents, says, Jacquie, the Mother and founder, who battled a devastatingly severe case of psoriasis (Pityriasis rosea to be exact) years ago while never really finding any relief or effective treatment after a multitude of doctor prescribed medications. After months of depression and suffering from the skin ravishing rash, hiding, covering up during the hot summer months, she realized that changing her diet to meatless, healthier, whole organic foods, and little to no dairy products was key to lessening outbreaks of the psoriasis. She also found that raw organic ingredients, such as cocoa butter, herbal extracts and virgin cold press botanical oils were better topical treatments for her skin. Maintaining a dedicated life of working out and staying fit only added to her success in eventually clearing her skin and maintaining a healthy internal body. She never had another outbreak in over 25 years. 

Journeys Mother Whole Foods Market shelf

Happy beautiful, clear skin and a well balance life of healthiness is a promise to self and to others as Jacquie is a certified Yoga E-RYT200 and Fitness Instructor with an education in Fine Arts, Advertising Graphic Design and Marketing. She is currently working in corporate wellness while running the Journey's Mother brand along with her co-owner-partner and daughter, Journey, a Geology and Environmental Science major at Rutgers University.