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Eat Your Flowers

How many of you grow gardens, plant flowers or simply enjoy plant caring for indoor plants? Perhaps your joy is in herbalism or even botanical arts such as the science of essential oils. If you are one or all of the above that could only mean that you are aware of the importance of the nutritional value of plants and flowers. As you know, Journey's Mother brand thrives on nature and all things plant derived and growing plants is just as important as eating them for a healthy body and skin. Check out the benefits of eating some beautiful plant specimens such as the Pumpkin Flower! I had started a pumpkin patch in my NJ backyard garden about 2 years ago however, as it was exciting and promising to watch it grow, from seed to vine and eventually flowering to mini pumpkin buds, it did not flourish beyond that. Between the ravishment from squirrels, birds and simply its delicate nature, I gave up on the prospects of growing pumpkins in suburban North Jersey! The plant finally dried out within the larger planter that I cultivated it in and the dumped it in the grounds of my strawberry patch. The patch began to grow again and I finally decided to simply harvest its flowers and eat them instead. Pumpkin Flowers are packed with nutrients such as vitamin C, A, calcium, magnesium, copper and more. Add them to your salads and enjoy their mild sweet nutty flavor. Such a rewarding culinary experience!