Confetti-Vanilla Pancakes

Category Essential Foods Created Date: 2012-01-26

My Kids LOVE these pancakes!

Ok, so, my husband got into the habit of buying these frozen quick boxes of confetti pancakes, which came from the supermarket and cost about $3.00 for 12 medallion sized pancakes. One morning my son, who loved to prepare his own breakfast in the morning before school, was anxious to have his usual instant quick fix before school—these frozen pancakes. He ran for the freezer, opened the door only to find disappointment and NO MORE INSTANT CONFETTI PANCAKES! Not only was he disappointed that there were no more but he also wondered how long before me or my husband would remember to run back to the supermarket to buy more!.....So, I gots to thinking! (Uh-Oh, you say?...yeah, yeah, I know—creative Jacquie at it again! LOL! Well, after the kids left for school, I had the entire house to myself, where I basically work and create anyway. So, I looked into my pantry and found some basic boxed pancake batter mix. I also found some rainbow colored sprinkles. I began preparring the batter, but I added some pure Vanilla Essential Oil to the mix to enhance its flavor and aroma. Now, this ain't no immitation vanilla flavoring you get from McCormack!—This is pure essential oil high quality grade, which costs me a pretty penny. Added 4 drops to a medium sized mixing bowl of batter. I thought wow, let's add some real organic Vanilla Bean Powder I had ordered previously from India as part of my regular supply for my skincare line. I added 1/2 teaspoon and then added the rainbow sprinkles. I folded everything together in the mixing bowl, heated my stove top skillet and began to pour efficient amount dollops of the batter onto the skillet. Cooking them evenly on both sides, I then removed them and set aside. After cooling—I stored them in the freezer for my son to have and enjoy the next morning breakfast before school! You see, It didn't cost me anything, it was instant, I didn't have to leave the house, I took something and made it BEST! But, most of all, the look on my son's face was golden!


Box Pancake Batter Mix (try a healthier whole wheat or gluten free kind)

Rainbow Sprinkles • Pure Vanilla Essential Oil • Organic Vanilla Bean Powder • Your Love