Water- REAL Natural Flavor and Sweetner

Category Essential Foods Created Date: 2012-02-12

Try this great way of flavoring your water! I love to do this, and my kids love to drink WATER more often because of this great nutricious extra added treat! I know like many of you, I have tried all kinds of different "naturally" fruit flavored waters, and I must say most literally left a bad taste in my mouth. The flavors do not taste natural. the sweetner tastes "funny", and I hate the taste of those so called "natural sweetner additives"—SCARY!!! Although, such natural sweetners on the market such as Stevia (which is derived from a plant) and Agave (which is extracted from its fruit) are natural elements, it is how they are processed which is what makes them "unnatural".

         Well, forget about all that. I feel that your H2O should never be compromised! If you are going to drink water, it should be just natural water. Train your palate to enjoy the taste of water even when you are not working out. You should be drinking at least 3.7 liters daily- that's equivalent to a bottle of soda pop! So if you are trying to achieve this amount of RDI (required daily intake) perhaps adding a little fruit to the equation might help you reach that goal! I've tried diferent fruits. the most common is adding lemmons and limes. One day this past summer, a friend and I and our kids stubbled into a local hotel lobby in search of a quick brunch and found they were serving sliced oranges in their large glass caraft of water. It being free, we all quickly indulged! The flavor was hinted lightly with the flavor of the sweet navel oranges and it was just plain fun to have fun drinking something so plain! The kids guzzled glass after glass as the hotel concierge looked on. But, here's my favorite fruit for this H2O Equation that I think works best and lasts longer in the refrigerated pitcher or caraft that you would be using: Like Water for Watermelon Enjoy! JourneysMother/ Jacquie B