Chlorine Cures for Summer Swim Skin Success

Category Skin Care and Beauty Created Date: 2012-08-18

Chlorine is typically used to purify swimming pools so that the water won't be full of contamination that could be harmful to your body or make one sick. The problem that chorine poses for people who already suffer from dry skin could be detrimental. Chlorine removes what little moisture that you may already have in your skin and wipes it clean. The moment that your skin and hair touches the pool there is a immediate reaction. You may find that your skin and scalp may feel itchy, dry, or tight because of the high levels of chlorine and other chemicals used during the cleansing process. 


If you are prone to dry skin or suffer from eczema you will need to protect your skin from these harsh chemicals. The first thing you want to do is apply a waterproof sunscreen, like our moisturizing natural mineral sunscreen pellets.This will act as a barrier between your skin and the chlorine. The second thing you want to grab is a neutralizing soap that will rinse off the chlorine without drying out your skin any further. A great soap to look for is JourneysMother Raw African Black Soap Pellets.  This soap contains a chlorine neutralizer and will help to keep skin hydrated and chlorine free it also does a wonderful job at removing the smell of chlorine from your body. After you have fully washed your body off, follow up after showering with our creamy smoothe lotion pellets that is specially designed to naturally neutralize chlorine's causticity.


Now then, enjoy your last dips and splashes of summer 2012!