Category Skin Care and Beauty Created Date: 2012-08-23

What is African Black Soap?



In West Africa, authentic black soap is known by its Yoruba name, Ossé Dudu. "Dudu" means the color black, which comes from the extensive "cooking" of the soap to the point of charcoal. Many cultures in West Africa use charcoal to detoxify and purify the skin, and this is an integral aspect of our true African black soap). 


Authentic black soap is made from shea butter which is indigenous to West Africa, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, water and cocoa pod ash. Saponification is provided by adding ashes to the hot oils, then cooking the soap for six hours. The final step is to dry and cure the soap in the sun for three weeks.


The extensive cooking and curing process makes authentic African black soap mild and gentle, and is the major reason for its great popularity rise in America. The second important reason is this soap's versatility. African black soap is an "all in one" option for cleaning, and is ideal for faces and babies, shaving, shampooing, and as a general hand & body wash.


For centuries, African Black Soap has been known for its anti-aging and all-around healthful skin benefits. African black soap is all natural and made from dried plantain skins, palm leaves, cocoa pod powder, and palm kernel oil. The plantain skins are a natural source of vitamins A & E and iron. Cocoa pod is the shell of the cocoa fruit and also has natural healing properties. African black soap is soft and has a delicate texture and a natural, earthy smell. It’s not oily, and can be used for hands, face, body and hair. 


Even America's favorite and most trusted physician, and believer in natural medicines and health products, Dr. Oz, aired an episode on his show which aired on February 14th. Dr. Oz talked about how using African Black Soap can help you look years younger at an affordable price! You can watch the video HERE.


Here are just some of the benefits of black soap:

  • helps deep clean skin.
  • works on most skin types including rough and dry or sensitive skin. 
  • helps clear bumps and spots on skin when used daily. 
  • helps relieve acne, oily skin & other skin problems, pityriasis rosea, psoriasis.
  • great for removing makeup. 
  • helps prevent premature facial lines and wrinkles.
  • can be lathered and used as an effective shampoo.