Category Hair Care Fitness Created Date: 2012-10-06


I constantly live in a world of drenchness, that is I'm ALWAYS SWEATY after daily ZUMBA® Fitness classes. Many of us blame your hair care routines for your inability to work out all of the time and perhaps maybe just knowing what to do with your hair so that you CAN work out as often as you like will help. I find that daily shampooing can actually dry out my hair and so, for years I had been showering and simply rinsing my hair and applying instant conditioners and then style simply, waiting for the next day of sweating. I do believe that this brand will work for all hair types, but because we are all individually unique, we must use it accordingly. So, if you have thicker, dryer, curlier or coily hair, you'll need more and if your hair is thinner or finer you'll probably need less.


Well check out these new products that have come along probably with this issue in mind! AS I AM brand Coconut Co-WASH conditioning cleanser has been a great addition to my shower caddy and my fitness hair routine. It has a wonderful coconut scent, and a very loose "yogurt" like consistency that nicely releases tangles while you massage it through your hair and scalp. I leave it on during my body washing time, which can be about 5-8 minutes long and then I rinse it out at the end of my shower, that way you give the product time to work in. The plastic 16 oz. jar gives you a nice amount to last for about 3 weeks. I must admit, in my fitness lifestyle, ain't nothing like a good ole' fashion sulphate-lathering shampoo, and so I use a good creamy moisturing shampoo when I really need to. Thereafter, for the next couple of days I use only the CO-WASH. It leaves my hair soft and silky and very manageable for styling. You will see your hair strengthen and grow in no time!

When styling my hair I usually simply pull it back into a simple curly ponytail, sometimes releasing it so that it's out—and that is only after using a leave in conditioning spray for extra manageability coupled with my favorite conditioning custard (I'll tell you what that is in another post). I gently comb my hair through with the wide toothed comb and then use a fine tooth comb to evenly distribute the products and refine the hair follicles while stimulating my scalp. When I know I have at least 2 days off from classes or simply need a more formal hairstyle, I blow out my hair straight and bump with flat iron or curling rod—sometimes even maintaining it after a couple of days of sweat-intense work outs!—THE SECRET: ALWAYS WEAR AN ABSORBENT HEAD BAND AND NEVER LET THE LENGTH OF YOUR HAIR TOUCH YOUR SWEATY SHOULDERS—OR ELSE ITS FINISHED!!!  I must admit, however,  I will need to re-blow dry the roots carefully again when I get home to prevent it from thickening up or "getting bushy".

I've just discovered that LA celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean's line WEN also has a CO-WASH in an interesting Ginger-Pumpkin scent for fall— (and you know how much we love pumpkin products every fall season!) I recently ordered it and will let you know how it works for me. His original formula is the Sweet Almond Mint scented one. Oh and by the way, his entire line of haircare is a definite must try for me. With the conditioning cleanser, it includes a leave-in spray conditioner, hair butter balm and a strong 2-ended detangling hair comb4 basic hair care must haves in my hair care regiment! In the meanwhile, why don'y you try it and let me know how it works for you?