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Category Hair Care Fitness Created Date: 2012-10-17

HAIR it is fitness people! My helpful hints on natural hair care remedies and solutions for maintaining and managing YOUR hair and working out whenever you want! Many of you gauge your fitness workouts by your hair— meaning you don't want to work out because you'll loose that pretty hairstyle and will have to re-do it all over for work in the morning. Follow me and allow me to show you some healthy alternatives to organic chemical free hair care products and organic  chemical free hair styles! You will discover some of my amazing natural haircare secrets as you journey alongside with me through my own hair care journeys as a sweat-saturated high cardio Zumba® Fitness Instructor. You'll also get some great hair care do's and don'ts from other fitness enthusiasts both professional and students. Follow JourneysMother on Pinterest for DIY recipes and you can try at home for youself to help keep your tresses shiny, healthy growing and strong.

                                                                      Hairs to YOUR HAIR FITNESS HEALTH....