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10 Dec / 2013


This amazing oil is becoming known as a natural alternative to the use of silicon in shampoos, conditioners and styling hair products. This oil adds a sheen and luster to the hair that is normally achieved by the use of chemical additives in hair care products. The properties in the oil has a unique fatty acid composition. It contains Omega 9 fatty acid which is the property that imparts a ‘shine’ to the hair. It also contains many other essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants. The Vitamin most prevalent in this oil is Vitamin A, (Retinol). It has approximately an 85 percent load of Poly unsaturated fatty acids. Some of benefits for hair are:

1. This is an effective hydrating oil.
2. It is non-greasy and absorbs easily and quickly without leaving any film or trace on the hair or skin.
3.  Highly nourishing oil.
4. A great moisturizer and conditioner.
5. Adds a sheen and lustre to the hair which is comparable to that produced by silicon but without the chemical side effects.
6.  Protects all types of hair from environmental factors that could dry or strip the hair.
7. Assists in the hairs regeneration and over-all health.
8. Shelf Life: Broccoli Seed oil has a shelf life of approximately one year. ... 

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06 Oct / 2012



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I constantly live in a world of drenchness, that is I'm ALWAYS SWEATY after daily ZUMBA® Fitness classes. Many of us blame your hair care routines for your inability to work out all of the time and perhaps maybe just knowing what to do with your hair so that you CAN work out as often as you like will help. I find that daily shampooing can actually dry out my hair and so, for years I had been showering and simply rinsing my hair and applying instant conditioners and then style simply, waiting for the next day of sweating. I do believe that this brand will work for all hair types, but because we are all individually unique, we must use it accordingly. So, if you have thicker, dryer, curlier or coily hair, you'll need more and if your hair is thinner or finer you'll probably need less.


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Caring for the skin is one of the most important and obvious regiments of beauty, health and fitness. You can't have a healthy skin if you are not following the regular procedures. Now-a-days life becomes too busy and most of the times it is simply impossible to maintain the procedure towards living a healthy life. You must follow some basic rules and regulations for having a healthy skin and there is no alternative. I am going to describe some easy and effective procedures so that it will not affect your busy life while you will gain a beautiful and healthy skin.  

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