Q. Return Policy?

A. Because of the nature of our products and hygiene we unfortunatley can not accept shipped products that have been received, opened and used. We will only refund if products are not opened or used. We will exchange or refund-(excluding your return shipping cost) shipped, received, unopened and unused products at customers own return shipment expense. 


Q. What happens when my lotion bar product softens or begins to melt?

A. If any of our lotion bars or pellets that you receive after shipment appears to be soft or has melted, please place into refrigeration immediately or contact us.

Q. How quickly should my lotion bar or lotion pellet melt?

A. Our products will not instantly melt down to an oily or liquid state otherwise it would not be long lasting for you. It will gradually release the oils from itself as your begin to heat it with your body heat. Take your time, warm it in your hands and then smooth it on. Love Thy Hands and Body...take time to take care of your most precious assest—your skin! However, if your an rushing and do not have a lot of time, just rub it on! If you would like a faster melting bar, just contact us and we can formulate one for you!


Q. Will a lotion bar or pellet ever shrink or dry out or get moldy?

A. NEVER! That's the beauty of solid form moisturizers, they are simply pure oil and butter. Our lotion bars and pellets are not made with any liquids that may cause bacteria and no alcohol that may cause shrinking. The shelf life is everlasting but it won't last forever because you'll love it so much, you'll be using it all of the time and ordering more!


Q. What happens when my lotion bar product breaks into pieces?

A. Please continue to use it, it is still effective moisturizing product. If your bar or pellet should break into pieces, simply reform it back together or save the pieces in your storage dish and use it next time!

Q. My whipped body butter arrived loose and runny!

A. Our whipped body butter is made of a base of solid but malleable raw botanicals which can melt during shipping to you in extremely HOT seaonal weather. Please order considerably and at your own risk—although we will ship with frozen gel packs with the expediency shipping time of Priority Mail. However, we will not be held responsible for your melted product.

Q. What is an aroma-formula?

A. An aroma-formula. another original term penned by JourneysMother®, is a compounding of our raw ingredients that produces a mixture that includes the scent. the butters and olis used to create a particular lotion bar recipe.


Q. Is coconut a tree nut or tree fruit?

A. This is a highly debated question. We believe the coconut to be a tree fruit not an actual tree nut, like an almond would be. The FDA requires any and all products that contain coconut matter to be listed in the ingredients labels, and we do. As we are sensitive to those with tree nut allergies, we do insist that you read all of the ingredient listings on all of our product labels.


Q. What does the term gluten free mean?

A. Gluten free is a term that means avoiding all grains that contain the protein gluten. Wheat, barley and rye are among the most common grains that contain gluten. Our products contain NONE of these ingredients!


Q. Is USPS the only method of shipping an order?

A. Generally we prefer to fill as many items that you may order for a least as possible for you. Priority Flat Rate shipping allows us to stuff as many items as we can for a flat rate cost in the quickest time (3 days). We prefer that when we ship our lotion bar products we want it to arrive to you as soon as possible to prevent the product from prolonged exposure to heat. If you would like for us to ship overnight or if we feel a shipment should be sent more efficiently through another method, we will do so. Just contact us with your request.


Q. Will we ship to an over-seas location and Canada?

A. YES! We will. Just contact us and we will gladly prepare your order for an overseas shipping rate at the best price and the quickest and safest way.


Q. Is JourneysMother Beauty Health & Fitness, LLC and JourneysMother Lotion Bars and Pellets™ the inventor of the concept of a lotion mini pellet?

A. YES, we are. We may not be the inventors of the lotion bar concept overall, but we are the only company that manufacturers the lotion mini pellet—so if you are trying to replicate our unique lotion bar mini pellet form, don't even try—we have a U.S. design patent pending on the conception of the lotion mini pellet and will ensue in the necessary legal actions, if necessary, to protect our rights.


Q. What if i am not satisfied with my order?

A. YOU won't be— and if you are, please contact us and we will happily assist you until you are satisfied.